The East Rand Protective Workshop has contracts with various companies to do work for them with the effect that we receive an income, keep our beneficiaries busy and give them pride that they can contribute to the economy. Noag's Market, Premier Housewares, Bottle Buddies, Prodist and the Bible Society are the companies that provide us with the work.

Mrs. Madeline Stander approached the Board to stable her horse on the property in exchange for ewuine therapy to our beneficiaries. Every Tuesday and Thursday ten people experience the connection with an animal.

The Workshop has 25 chickens to supply the hostels with egg with enough left to sell to parents and the public.

Our kitchen provides lunch as the main meal to 40 people. Mrs. Hannatjie Steenekamp is our cook.

We receive food donations from various supermarkets for the residents and we distribute food to day beneficiaries and the homeless.

We transport most of our beneficiaries to and from the Workshop with our four busses. These busses travel close to 16 000km per month with a fuel account of R28 000 per month.


Animal Therapy

Interacting with animals helps to calm our beneficiaries.

Eco Therapy

Getting close to nature helps us to understand ourselves.

Narrative Skills

learning about stories helps us being heroes in our own lives.

Kitchen Skills

We appreciate our meals by preparing our own food.


We transport 65 people to and from work with our four busses and one car.

Work for the Bible Society

Our contract work provides us with skils and an income.